Bulk Bucket (On Forks)

  • €3.475,00

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  • Suitable for bulk products (grain, fertilizer, potting soil, etc.)
  • Low discharge height loss due to double hinge mechanism
  • 6mm plate thickness
  • Fitted with manganese bottom blade (80x15mm)
  • Slot dimensions: 159x69-L1197mm, h.o.h. 830mm
  • Includes hoses and quick connectors

        Technical specifications:

        • Variants: HO-125 | HO-150 | HO-175 | HO-200 | HO-225
        • Bin depth: 1300 mm
        • Bin height: 860 mm
        • Center of Gravity: 800mm
          Variant  Bin width Bin capacity Weight
          HO-125 1250mm 900 liters 415 kg
          HO-150 1500mm 1100 liters 445 kg
          HO-175 1750mm 1300 liters 475 kg
          HO-200 2000mm 1500 liters 505 kg
          HO-225 2250mm 1700 liters 535 kg


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