Forklift forks

  • €1.150,00

Installation on location is possible!
Tailored advice!
Customization possible!

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Fixed forks

  • Set of fixed forklift forks class A, complete with fork locks

Folding forks

  • Set opklapbare heftruckvorken, compleet met vorksloten
    Variant  Dimensions forks Discription
    FEM2A 100 x 40 x 1200mm Fixed forks
    FEM3A 125 x 45 x 1200mm Fixed forks
    FEM4A 150 x 60 x 1200mm Fixed forks
    FEM2A 100 x 50 x 1200mm Folding forks
    FEM3A 100 x 50 x 1200mm Folding forks

     Possible options Price
    Afwijkende afmetingen On request


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