Heavy duty bulk container (on FEM fork carriage)

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  • Extremely sturdy scoop bucket for industrial use
  • Adjustable quick lock FEM2 and FEM3 directly on the fork board
  • Very short attachment to the fork board
  • All pivot points are mounted
  • 8 mm plate thickness
  • Equipped with boron lower blade (150x20 mm)
  • Including hoses and quick couplings
  • Equipped with 2 cylinders

        Technical specifications:

        • Variants: HO-200-ZIF | HO-225-ZIFF | HO-250-ZIF | HO-275-ZIF | HO-300-ZIF
        • Depth bucket: 1500 mm
        • Bucket height: 1100 mm
        • Center of Gravity: 800mm

          Variant  Bucket width Bucket capacity Weight
          HO-200-ZIF 2000mm 1950 liters 920 kg
          HO-225-ZIF 2250mm 2200 liters 970 kg
          HO-250-ZIF 2500mm 2450 liters 1020 kg
          HO-275-ZIF 2750mm 2700 liters 1070 kg
          HO-300-ZIF 3000mm 2950 liters 1120 kg


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