Heto potting robot complete

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Heto pot robot complete, suitable for picking up and placing pots on roller containers and transport carts.

Operation: With the pot robot, it is possible to automatically pick up a row of pots and place them in another location, for example, from a collection belt of the potting machine to a mobile pot container. It is also possible to pick up pots from a pot container and place them on a conveyor belt to then sort or deliver the plants. With the container drive, it is possible to fill a pot container with pots, and optionally, it is possible to place the pots in the container in a certain pattern.

The MACHINE distinguishes itself by the following characteristics:

  • High-quality construction and low maintenance
  • Quiet and precise operation
  • Electric motor speed is continuously adjustable
  • High capacity up to 750 movements per hour
  • Easy to integrate into existing systems and applications
  • Easy conversion to other pot sizes possible by means of a PLC selection menu
  • Easy operation with step-by-step menu and clear LCD display
  • The installation is built in accordance with the CE standard (machinery directive)
  • Error message and emergency stop


  • Length: approx. 1,600 mm.
  • Width: approx. 2,400 mm.
  • Height: max. 2,100 mm.
  • Capacity: max. 750 movements per hour
  • Weight: approx. 350 kg.
  • Power connection: 1.5 kW.
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