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The potting machine H15E is a universal machine for automatically filling pots with a diameter of 5.5 to 24 cm. An additional adjustment makes it possible to extend the diameter of the flower pots to be used to 48 cm. In other words: the potting machine type H15E is suitable for filling from mini pots to tubs! Drilling a planting hole is also one of the standard functionalities of the HETO potting machine type H15E. Several drill holes in a pot are possible by means of extra options.

All machines are developed in-house. This makes it possible to adapt each machine to your personal potting needs. Robust quality and expertise form the basis for your machine with a long service life. The machine is mobile and can therefore be used at various locations within your company.


The empty pots are placed in the pot holders manually or by means of a pot machine. These pot holders are mounted on a chain conveyor and are moved by this conveyor under the potting soil filling opening. Here the pots are evenly filled with potting compost. The excess soil is removed by a scraper unit and is returned to the potting soil supply. After this, the pots are placed under a pressure drilling unit for drilling a hole. If the machine is equipped with an automatic pot discharge, the pots are automatically placed on a conveyor belt. It is possible to use the potting machine type H15E in line with, among other things, the HETO buffer belt and conveyor belts.

Machine features:

  • High-quality, robust construction and low maintenance
  • Standard equipped with drill and pressure plate of your choice
  • Clean, labor-friendly processing due to closed soil system
  • Speed ​​of both the drill and machine can be easily adjusted with the help of a potentiometer
  • The machine stands on wheels as well as on sturdy adjustable feet that are easily adjustable.
  • The construction of the entire drilling unit has been improved so that it works silently.
  • High capacity expandable up to 10,000 pots per hour (continuous)
  • Easy conversion to other pot size possible
  • When the drilling unit is worn, the wearing parts can be replaced quickly and easily.
  • Drive mechanism of the ground belt optimized, making it very quiet.
  • The installation is built in accordance with the CE standard (machine directive)
  • Universal electrical cabinet making options easy to expand.
  • Thermal-magnetic protection and emergency stop
  • Ideal soil elevation system, the elevator's direction of rotation is from bottom to top, no structural change of potting soil mixture
  • All removable hoods are made of high-quality stainless steel to increase durability


    • Automatic pot machine, various designs
    • Automatic pot drain, can be used on both sides
    • Osmocote dosing unit

    Technical data

    • Pot diameter: from 8 to 22 cm
    • Capacity per hour: expandable to max. 10,000 pots per hour
    • Weight: +/- 800kg
    • Electrical connection: 400V - 3 PH - PE - 50Hz
    • Power: 2.5 kW
    • Length: 3225 mm
    • Width: 1125 mm
    • Height: 1900 mm


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