Dry Hydroponics

Dry Hydroponics is suitable for short-cycle crops, such as lettuce, herbs and flowers. Crops grow in culture trays filled with nutrient-rich water, on floats carrying crop holders. This patented design enables crops to always have access to sufficient water, light, nutrients, CO2 and oxygen. The crops grow naturally without any necessary human intervention.

The Dry Hydroponics cultivation system distinguishes the above-ground part of the harvest from the underground part. The design provides an airy and light environment for the above-ground part, an ideal microclimate for the development of strong and healthy leaves. Abundant amounts of water and oxygen are always available to the underground part of the plant.

In addition, the insulating effect of the floats and the abundant amount of available water not only creates an optimal cultivation climate, it also makes Dry Hydroponics a particularly reliable cultivation system.

Dry Hydroponics is a way to cultivate all types of lettuce, including traditional and modern varieties. The innovative design provides the crops with constantly sufficient nutrition and oxygenated water, improving the taste and health of the crops. The design also creates a microclimate around the leaves that is favorable for growth. This ensures stable and advantageous conditions for the crops during cultivation. The design also keeps the leaves dry, ensuring that the lower leaves of the harvest remain fresh and green. This results in beautiful, naturally developed crops with a long shelf life and a clean environment without sand, soil and weeds. The plants are ready to eat once they are harvested.

Cultivating crops with dry hydroponics results in a significant increase in production volume and cost reduction. This is due to the efficient use of production space, mechanization and simplification of labor. Cultivating with dry hydroponics is easy and reliable. The payback period for the dry hydroponics installation is estimated to be two to five years.