Fabric filter BFG 27-27 (34m³/h)

Fabric filter BFG 27-27 (34m³/h)

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The Trumma is a patented drum filter, developed and manufactured for applications in greenhouse horticulture.

Capacity: 34m³/h

The Trumma's purpose is to filter highly polluted water streams such as sand, potting soil, and sludge.

In the Trumma, solid substances and liquids are separated from each other by using the simple combination of rotating, filtering, and gravity. For this purpose, a stainless-steel (SS) cylinder with perforations is used, which is lined with a filter cloth on the inside. The Trumma distinguishes itself from other filters by its robustness, simplicity, and flexibility. This guarantees maximum lifespan, optimal efficiency, and low maintenance costs.

We can optionally install the machine too!


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