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The fixed fork is used for the transportation of potted plants from the potting machine to the location where they will grow. This is often done in combination with a buffer belt! Once the potted plants are large enough, they are transported to the location for delivery and packaging using the same fixed fork. This fixed fork is suitable for a production system where potted plants are grown on the ground (indoors and/or outdoors).

This fixed fork is suitable for all types of potted plant cultivation and can even be adapted to transport (cutting) trays. Various attachment boards are available to mount it on a forklift.

Transporting plants with conveyor belts or carts into the greenhouse? Thing of the past! Transporting plants with the fixed fork has several major advantages:

  • Flexible transport options
  • Less labor-intensive
  • Elimination of physical workload

Technical data:

  • Length: Max 2500mm
  • Width: Max 4000mm
  • Height: Max 1000mm
  • Weight: 250 / 500kg

We can optionally also install the machine!


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