Potting machine H40

Potting machine H40

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On the H40, there is plenty of space to carry out heavy potting work. It processes pots up to 42 cm and drills planting holes up to 23 cm. The machine allows for bare roots to be potted in a smooth manner. The potting ring has been kept low to allow for ergonomic potting. Thanks to the central adjustment of the potting ring, switching to a different pot size is smooth. The pot dispenser, with its powerful push-off movement, effortlessly processes heavy pots (including recycled pots). The structure of the substrate is preserved thanks to the automatically controlled soil feed. The soil stock tank, with a capacity of 3 or 5 m³, offers a generous buffer and is easy to fill with a front loader or forklift.


  • Capacity: 400-1600 or 600-2400 pots per hour
  • Pot sizes: 9-30 cm, optionally expandable to 40 cm
  • Number of pot holders: 16, optionally 8
  • Content of soil tank: 3 m³

Technical data:

  • Pot sizes from 7 to 30 cm (16 pot ring), up to 40 cm (8 pot ring), up to 15 cm (32 pot ring)
  • Voltage 3 x 240 V or 3 x 400 V
  • Lift motor: 1.5 kW - 1500 rpm
  • Rotonde motor: 2.2 kW - 1500 rpm or 1.5 kW - 1000 rpm
  • Boring unit motor: 1.1 kW - 1000 rpm (frequency controlled)
  • Soil feed motor 0.12 kW - 900 rpm (fully automatic control)
  • Soil return motor: 0.37 kW - 1500 rpm
  • Weight: 1800 kg


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