Water dosing unit

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The machine is designed to spray water onto filled trays/boxes.


The machine consists of a conveyor belt for the trays/boxes and a water dosing unit for wetting the trays/boxes. The trays/boxes are placed on the conveyor belt and pass a photocell, at which point the spray system starts. The spray system stops when the conveyor belts have traveled a certain distance and no new tray/box has been detected. The water supply is connected at the solenoid valve. 

The water supply is regulated by this solenoid valve. The nozzles can also be individually (manually) closed. The excess spray water is collected in the tray under the spray system.

The machine distinguishes itself through the following features:

  • Exclusively made of high-quality materials (aluminum and stainless steel).
  • Adjustable frame for optimal working height.
  • Water collection tray with drainage spout.
  • Easy conversion to other tray/box sizes.
  • The machine can operate entirely automatically if the supply and removal of the trays/boxes are also automated.
  • Simple operation through the control switch on the control box.
  • The installation is built according to the CE norm (machinery directive).
  • Fault detector and emergency stop.


  • The water dosing unit can be combined with the vermiculite dosing unit as one installation.
  • Available without conveyor belt.

                              Technical data:

                              • Length: 1,500 mm.
                              • Width: 900 mm.
                              • Height: 1,600 to 1,900 mm.
                              • Weight: ± 75 kg.
                              • Connected load: 0.37 kW.
                              • Power supply: 3 ph./400V. 50 Hz.


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