Soil conveyor system

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This soil conveyor system is an efficient way to move and process large quantities of soil. The system starts with the soil being brought into the bunker, for example by a truck. Then, the soil is agitated by a cultivator and is dosed onto a conveyor belt. From there, the soil can go in two directions: either to the potting machine or to a higher conveyor belt which transports it to the bekidan, allowing for optimal use of available space. The speeds of the conveyor belts can be adjusted to minimize any start and stop in the system.

The soil conveyor system is equipped with an emptying knob which allows for the entire system to be emptied on demand. A signal lamp in the workspace at the potting machine ensures safe and efficient operation of the system. Transport belts are suspended from the bunker and existing greenhouse structure as much as possible with braces.

To make maintenance of the system as simple as possible, all covers for bearings or covering caps on the belts can be easily removed without grinding or chipping. In addition, all belts from the first belt in front of the bunker are provided with covers.

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