Buffer conveyor system with bark spreader

Buffer conveyor system with bark spreader

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Many different pot sizes are filled with potting soil and cuttings on the potting machine.

They are then transported with a discharge conveyor to the bark spreader. The bark spreader applies an adjustable layer of bark over the potting soil next to the cuttings. This is done as a natural herbicide against weeds that may grow next to the cuttings. The excess bark is removed from the pot with adjustable fingers. This residue falls into the storage bin and is taken back up again.

The base of the bark spreader is similar to the base of the HETO potting machine. At HETO, you can choose between a used and refurbished base machine (which saves considerably on costs) or a new base machine. Both machines are equipped with a new adjustable pot turning unit and control cabinet.

The bark spreading machine can be used for different (round) pot sizes. This is easy to adjust with a hand crank, which adjusts the width between the strings that the pots pass through. The strings ensure that the pots rotate. The speed of the strings, and thus the rotation, can be adjusted with a potentiometer. In addition, the amount of bark can also be adjusted with a variable pulley.

The machine has an emergency stop on both sides, which is controlled from the control cabinet. The machine can also be connected to an emergency stop circuit of a complete production line. The control cabinet also has a button that allows the pots to pass through the machine without bark. When the machine is in a production line, it can simply function as a conveyor belt and does not need to be removed from the line.

The bark spreading machine can be made mobile, and can be equipped with a large soil bin if desired. A mobile buffer can be used as an extra buffer for this machine.

The buffer band is used to adjust or group the pots to any desired size. All pot sizes are possible, and it is easy to adjust with a user-friendly display. The buffer band is equipped with an Ixon router or display with internet access. This allows the machine to be operated remotely for adjustments or possible malfunctions. The size of the buffer band and pre-collection band can be determined according to customer requirements.

With some technical modifications, these buffer bands can also be used outdoors. The buffer band can be used as a mobile or fixed setup.

A double pusher could be an option on the website to process two rows of pots side by side. This would allow more pots to be processed per hour.

The pots are lifted from the buffer band with a fixed fork that hangs from a forklift or shovel. This fixed fork is specifically designed for one size of pots. In combination with special profiles, the fork can be used for two pot sizes if needed.

Two types of forks can be supplied: A heavy-duty version with a reinforced fork board and quick release. LUXE A lighter version with a simple suspension frame that needs to be secured with a pin. Standard frame painted in the desired RAL color.


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