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Operation of the system: The bales are stripped of packaging material using the cutting platform and then fed into the bale breaker on the input side. The material to be mixed is introduced into the bale breaker per batch, which can be done either on the input side or on the top. After the mixture or mixtures have been introduced, the bale breaker is closed at the input and output sides, and water can be added if necessary. The mixing process is then started and after the desired mixing time, the bale breaker is opened at the adjustable output side and the mixture can be dosed into a processing machine, for example. The bale breaker is equipped with a robust chain with carriers for optimal mixing results.t.

The machine is distinguished by the following features:

  • High-quality robust construction and low maintenance.
  • High mixing capacity Suitable for many mixtures and packaging forms.
  • Easy operation.
  • Mobile design.
  • Equipped with bale cutting platform.
  • The installation is built in compliance with the CE standard (machinery directive).


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