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This coupling parts set Heto standard 20 cm includes 1x motor belt of 6000x200 mm and 8x coupling belts of 6400x200 mm. The price of this set is €8250,- (excluding transportation) from Heto Warmond. The conveyor belts have the following features:

  • High-quality construction and require little maintenance
  • The frame of the conveyor belts is made of aluminum, but they are also available in stainless steel upon request
  • The extensive range of products offers a suitable belt for every application
  • Multiple belts can be connected to one motor part using the drive shaft
  • A special exclusive line is available for outdoor use and/or heavy-duty applications
  • All models are available with fixed or variable speed and can be installed in both directions of rotation
  • The installation complies with the CE norm (machinery directive) and has thermal protection and an emergency stop A connection for remote control is available.

Technical specifications:

  • Length of sections: 0.40 to 6.40 meters
  • Length of main belt: up to 500 meters
  • Width: 150 to 400 mm
  • Profile height: 80 to 150 mm
  • Maximum load: 5 to 25 kg per meter
  • Weight: depending on the dimensions
  • Connection power: from 0.18 to 1.1 kW
  • Power supply: 3-phase/400V, 50 Hz + N +


For more information or to request a quote, please contact us at or call us on +31 (0) 71 331 9111.


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