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The HETO potting soil dispenser, type H-15E basic, is designed for dosing substrates at packaging machines. The machine's storage container has a capacity of approximately 500 liters. A conveyor belt at the bottom of the storage container brings the substrate to the elevator. The elevator raises the soil to the desired height, after which the substrate is discharged onto a conveyor belt that carries it to the packaging machine. The conveyor belt doses the substrate in adjustable steps in the packaging machine.

The height of the elevator, and thus the discharge height, can be delivered at any desired size. The dispenser has a high-quality, robust construction and is low-maintenance. Extensive adjustment options ensure optimal filling of the pots. The soil conveyor system has a rotational direction from bottom to top, which does not cause any structural change of the potting soil mixture. The drive mechanism of the soil belt is optimized, making it very quiet and low-maintenance. All removable covers of the machine are made of high-quality stainless steel. The dispenser is powered by 3-phase/400V, 50 Hz + N + PE, and is built in accordance with the CE standard (machinery directive).

Technical data:

  • Weight: approximately 1200 kg
  • Electrical connection: 400V - 3-phase - PE - 50Hz
  • Power: 2.5 kW
  • Length: 3225 mm
  • Width: 1125 mm
  • Standard height: 2000 mm


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