RBB Big-bale breaker

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The Big-Bale breaker RBB is used for the automatic processing of the Big-Bales.


The Big-Bale is a form of packaging in which the raw materials are compressed, packaged and palletized. Compression creates a volume reduction that allows bulk products to be efficiently packaged, stored, transported and processed.

The Big-Bale breaker RBB is used for the automatic processing of the Big-Bales. The product is reduced to its original structure and volume.

The big bale breaker can be used with bales as big as 120 cm x 120 cm and 250 cm high. The big bale can be easily loaded with a simple manual lift. After removing the protective sheeting from the bale, the chopper is tilted by 45 degrees. When the machine is on, the lifts brake the big bale and pass the peat into the crumbling head. Then, the peat fills the potting machine container. After getting the required level, the sensors stop passing the peat. The process of passing the peat is turned on automatically when the peat level in the container is low.

The crumbling head passes the peat into the potting machine container. The peat can be watered by the automatic watering assembly. The amount of the water is regulated with the timer.

The Big-Bale breaker RBB is characterized by a:

  • Mobile, high-quality and low-maintenance construction
  • High operational reliability and simple, safe operation
  • Possibility to process Big-Bales with dimensions of (l x w x h) 1.20 x 1.20 x 2.50m.
  • High capacity and good connectivity to the potting machine
  • Maximum outflow volume and structure retention (RHP)
  • Compact working position dimensions

    Technical data:

    • Length: 3562 mm
    • Width: 1663 mm
    • Height: 2588 mm tilted or 2935 mm loading position
    • Max. bale size: L: 1200 x W: 1200 x H: 2500mm
    • Power supply: 3ph./400V.50Hz

    We can optionally also install the machine!


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