S11S Small drum seeder machine

S11S Small drum seeder machine

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The electronic drum seeder machine is a universal automatic seeding machine. With precision, this seeding machine can seed almost any type of seed for flowers, plants, and vegetables in any type of tray.

The machine can be used as a stand-alone seeding machine, but it can also be integrated into a fully automatic seeding line, which is delivered in many variations with custom options. The seeder is suitable for planting the smallest cactus seeds to the largest sunflower seeds. The machine is very flexible to use.


The electronic drum seeder machine sucks seeds from a horizontally moving tray on the drum through (interchangeable) drum nozzles. As a result of a vacuum in the hollow drum, the nozzles hold the seeds. The drum rotates constantly at a variable adjustable speed, and when the nozzles with seeds are at the bottom of the drum, the vacuum is lifted and the seeds fall into the cell of the tray. After this drum position, there is a moment of overpressure to keep the nozzles clean, and the nozzles are ready to start the next cycle. The trays are moved at the same speed as the drum. In this way, the placement of the seeds is very precise. It is also possible to change the drum speed relative to the tray speed to create different seeding patterns.

It is possible to use the drum seeder machine in line with the tray filler and/or water dosing unit.

The machine stands out for the following characteristics:

  • High-quality construction and low maintenance
  • Suitable for a large variety of seeds (flowers, plants, vegetables)
  • Many setting options result in optimal seeding results
  • High capacity up to 600 trays per hour
  • Can be used in combination with tray filler
  • Flexible in tray sizes
  • Possibility of more seeds per cell
  • Easy operation using various switches on the control panel
  • Automatic operation
  • The installation is built according to the CE standard


  • Tray destacker
  • Tray stacker
  • Press station


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