Template filler H90

Template filler H90

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The H90 template filler is the standard for filling pots in trays: it fills both carrying trays, shuttle trays, seedling and sowing trays. The machine is easily programmable so that the nature of the filling can be neatly adapted to the specific needs of the crop: a light or hard filling, a pouring edge, evenly filled or filled with an upright collar. The capacity of a PTF filling line always exceeds that of an in-pot machine, even double-working. In front of and behind the template filler, the automatic filling line is supplemented with a depalletizing belt, a drilling and/or spraying belt, rooting robot or sowing device.


  • Template tray filler for filling round and square pots in grower trays
  • Very uniform filling, no spillage between pots
  • Soil stock: 450 liters
  • Capacity: up to 550 trays per hour
  • Very quickly adjustable depending on the type and size of pots and trays
  • Adjustable soil feed
  • Adjustable belt speed  


Technical data:

  • Voltage: 3 x 240 V or 3 x 400 V
  • Motor lift: 1.5 kW - 1500 rpm (with or without frequency control)
  • Motor butterfly: 0.37 kW - 1500 rpm
  • Motor belt: 0.37 kW - 1500 rpm
  • Motor eccentric: 0.37 kW - 1500 rpm
  • Weight: 1200 kg

We can optionally install the machine as well!


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