TO59 Tray (De)stacker

TO59 Tray (De)stacker

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 Self-loader, 3 or 4 meters long, can handle a reserve of 200 and more empty trays. It automatically feeds the denester mounted on the tray filler.

The belt is a simple mechanical structure for lightweight trays (polystyrene) or a special structure that can guarantee reliability and durability while transporting heavier weights, such as hard plastic trays. Feeder belt for trays with automatic destacker.

This machine contains:

  • Conveyor belt is 2 or 3 meters, suitable for polystyrene foam or heavy plastic trays
  • Control panel for the de-stacker management of the trays
  • Automatic destacker for polystyrene foam or heavy plastic containers

Technical properties

  • Conveyor speed: 10.2 meters per minute (Fixed)
  • Conveyor belt width: 18cm
  • Modular conveyor belts with intermediate feet
  • Adjustable height: 75 - 100 cm
  • Electrical connection: 400V - 3 PH
  • Power: 0.18kW
  • Optional: Variable speed 2.6 - 13.7 meters per minute


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