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The bark spreader is a universal machine for automatic spreading of various pots and trays. The bark spreader is suitable for filling mini pots up to large containers!


The mulch machine MTR is designed for applying mulch to the surface of pots. Mulch helps to keep the soil moisture and reduce weed growth.Pots with the plants are carried to the machine by the conveyor belt. The machine is equipped with two side belts which draw the pots from the conveyor belt and move the revolving pots under the pouring mulch. The pots are covered with mulch. The excess of mulch is removed by scrapers. The scrapers can be arranged in a required position to regulate the amount of mulch in the pots. Ready pots go back to the conveyor belt.


    • Infeed and outfeed conveyor belt.

    Technical specifications:

    • Length: 2722 mm
    • Width: 1965 mm
    • Height: 2162 mm
    • Power supply: 400V - 3 PH - PE - 50Hz
    • Voltage: 3ph./400V.50Hz


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