HETO Mini Potting Machine H13

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Many different pot sizes or containers, but only small quantities to fill? Manual filling of pots or containers is a thing of the past!

Our universal small potting machine is ideal for potting small production quantities. With the small potting machine, you can replace a labor-intensive process with a processing speed that is at least 3 times higher!

Different customers such as tree nurseries and research institutions have already experienced the benefits of the HETO Mini potting machine.


An extra large supply bin A chute so that even very large pots can be filled next to the machine. This way, the machine can also be emptied. Processable soil types:

  • Potting soil
  • Coconut
  • Bark
  • Most substrates that do not stick too much

The machine distinguishes itself by the following characteristics:

  • Adjustable stainless steel frame to manually place the pot.
  • Speed of the soil outlet adjustable with potentiometer.
  • Speed of the soil belt adjustable with handwheel.
  • Mobile and easy to move.
  • Optionally, a chute can be mounted under the soil outlet to fill heavy pots/buckets on the ground next to the machine with potting soil.
  • Optionally, can be equipped with a foot pedal for dosing potting soil into the inlet manifold continuously.

Technical specifications:

  • Capacity: Max 1000 pots per hour
  • Weight: 750kg
  • Electrical connection: 3PH 400V + N + PE
  • Power: 1.5 kW
  • Length: 1600mm
  • Width: 1060mm
  • Height: 1970mm


For more information or to request a quote, please contact us at info@hetotuinbouw.nl or call us on +31 (0) 71 331 9111.

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