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The needle seeder machine is a universal automatic precision seeder, suitable for sowing almost any type of seed, in almost any type of tray.

Operation: The needle seeder machine sucks the seeds from a vibrating bowl via (interchangeable) needles. Due to a vacuum in the hollow shaft, the needles hold the seeds. The hollow shaft then rotates, causing the seeds to fall above the chute tubes. The vacuum is now replaced by overpressure, blowing the seeds through the chute tubes and into the tray. The hollow shaft then rotates back to start the next cycle. Also, after each cycle, one row is automatically moved forward.

The MACHINE distinguishes itself by the following properties:

  • High-quality construction and low maintenance
  • Suitable for different seed forms
  • Optimal seeding results for different types of seeds due to many adjustment possibilities
  • All settings are easy to realize or adjust
  • High capacity of up to 50,000 seeds per hour
  • Integratable behind tray filler
  • Other tray sizes possible
  • Possibility of four seed cycles per cell
  • Easy operation with various switches on the control panel
  • The installation is built in accordance with the CE standard (machinery directive)
  • Automatic tray end-stop and emergency stop

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