Mayer 1010 (Almost Like New)

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This used Mayer 1010 potting machine is almost like new!

This potting machine, also known as a pot filling machine, aids in automating the process of filling pots with soil. The design typically includes a system for soil supply and a system for transporting the pots. Pots are placed by the device on a rotating disc, after which they are automatically filled with soil from a storage container. Subsequently, the filled pots are moved to a transport system, from where they can either be picked up or directly forwarded to the next phase of the production process. With this machine, the potting process is significantly accelerated compared to manual methods, making it an indispensable tool in medium to large horticultural projects.

The machine includes:

  • High-quality construction and low maintenance
  • Optimal pot filling through extensive adjustment options
  • The installation is built according to CE standards (Machinery Directive)
  • Compact machine, suitable for multiple pot sizes

Technical data:

Model: 1010 Year of
Manufacture: 2017
Recommended for pots of: 5 to 22 cm in diameter
Processing capacity: Up to 4000 pots per hour

Features include

  • Adjustable pot holder
  • Potting machine (mechanical)
  • Ejection mechanism (mechanical)


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