HETO H15 Extended Potting Machine

HETO H15 Extended Potting Machine

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An additional workspace alongside the machine allows two people to work on the machine simultaneously, making it possible to plant cuttings into pots with two people at the same time.

Mobile design allows the machine to be used in different locations, such as inside a greenhouse or outside in the field.

With a drill and a pin interrupter, the machine can handle small pots up to 25cm as well as pots that are 25cm and larger. In this case, large pump holders are placed alternately in the chain.

The adjustable potting machine can handle various pot sizes, which are fed by a pot conveyor.

The speed of both the potting machine and soil drill can be adjusted with a potentiometer. The speed of the soil conveyor is adjustable with a hand wheel.

An elevated elevator can also be provided to fill tall pots, and the length and therefore the number of holders on the machine can be determined according to customer requirements. Additionally, the machine can be equipped with a large soil hopper mounted on it.

A mobile bunker/big bale/large soil hopper with soil conveyors/box tipper can be used as a potting soil storage bunker. Furthermore, HETO discharge coupling parts for conveyor belts are available for the transport of potted plants.

A new type of potting machine and tea transplanters are available on the website, which are compatible with our potting machine, especially due to their long, straight shape/side.


For more information or to request a quote, please contact us at info@hetotuinbouw.nl or call us on +31 (0) 71 331 9111.

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